Cowgirl Denim: What to Know & What to Buy

Cowgirl Denim: What to Know & What to Buy

From Annie Oakley to Calamity Jane, women have made their mark on the American West for centuries. Times have changed since the days of long cattle drives and stagecoach robberies, but modern cowgirls remain cut from the same cloth of tenacity, adventurousness, and spirit. One thing that has certainly changed is the clothing we wear today. Gone are the frocks and petticoats of the Wild West; nowadays, women enjoy the comfort and durability of cowgirl jeans! But how do you choose the right denim for your fashion sense and lifestyle? Luckily, there are a ton of options to choose from.  

What are Cowgirl Jeans?

Cowgirl jeans can encompass a wide variety of styles. In short, these are bootcut women's jeans that combine the best of comfort, style, and moxie to bring you the best in ladies' denim. The modern cowgirl works hard, plays hard, and expects her jeans to keep up. Whether you're looking for affordable styles or the highest quality, there's a pair of cowgirl jeans out there with your name on them. 

The Benefit of the Bootcut

Bootcut women's jeans are a staple in western style. But what makes them so popular? In short, it boils down to a combination of form and function. The longer pant leg makes legs look elongated, which can be especially beneficial for shorter women. Because bootcut jeans flare out slightly from the knee to the hem, they can make your hips and waist look narrower–an excellent look for curvier body types. The looser cut also makes these jeans easier to move in than restrictive skinny jeans. When worn over shoes with a slight heel, these jeans are flattering, comfortable, and versatile.

Find the Perfect Denim For Women

Choosing your new pair of women's rodeo jeans comes down to a combination of factors, with cut, color, and brand at the top of the list. 

High, Mid, or Low Rise

What's the right height for your jeans? A lot of it depends on what you're personally comfortable with. In addition, some styles of jeans tend to look better with certain body types. Short women and women with curvier body types will often benefit from the slimming and lengthening effects of a mid to high-rise pair of jeans. On the other hand, low-rise jeans can add the appearance of curves to a more straight figure. At the end of the day, pick whichever looks and feels best!

Dark Wash or Light?

Darker jeans can look neat, slimming, and stylish, whether running errands or out on a date. The darker style of denim tends to look a little more dressed-up, but light-wash denim benefits from appearing laid-back and casual.

What's Your Brand?

Several top denim brands offer an excellent selection of ladies' western jeans. Kimes Ranch, Wrangler, Ariat, and Levi's can provide some excellent choices in cowgirl jeans. If you're unsure where to start, why not check out our post on the five best western denim brands or pop into Dixie's to try a pair on? We'd love to help you find a pair of jeans you'll love to wear for years to come!