Dixie’s Top Western Denim Brands

Dixie’s Top Western Denim Brands

Dixie’s Top 5 Western Denim Brands

What do you imagine when you think of life out West? For us at Dixie's, it's honest work, small towns, and cherry-bright sunsets cascading over snow capped mountains. And what are all the people wearing in this beautiful mental image of ours? Denim, of course!

From sturdy denim jackets to chic denim vests, all the way to your favorite pair of blue jeans, denim is some of the best material out right now. Unlike clothes made from other materials, denim can be fashionable without sacrificing function — a far cry from other pant materials such as leather. On top of that, denim prices span from top-of-the-line luxury brand pricing to affordable choices that are accessible to anyone. In the words of the great Giorgio Armani, "jeans represent democracy in fashion."

Finding denim that is just right for you can be difficult, and that's why we at Dixie's have compiled a list of our top denim brands. Whether you're a born and bred Westerner, an avid outdoorsman, or just someone who loves a good old-fashioned pair of blue jeans, this is the list for you. 



We can't write an article about our top denim brands without mentioning one of the biggest household names in jeans: Wrangler. Wrangler has been a heavy-hitter for denim and western apparel since the company's founding in 1947. This is for good reason, as the brand has a well-earned reputation for durable, high-quality jeans and denim made for workers and casual wearers alike. Wrangler is similar to Levi's, another classic American denim brand, but tailored to a "worker" aesthetic. Wrangler is a consistent and reliable choice if you're looking for good denim. (the cowboys classic - throw that phrase in somewhere)

Some popular items include:

Check out our Wrangler brand page to see more!


Kimes Ranch

While household names such as Levi's and Wrangler claim to be all American, their pants are actually manufactured abroad. If you're looking to buy some Western-style denim that is actually made in the United States, then look no further than  Kimes Ranch. Although Wrangler has been a western staple since the 1940’s, we now find ourselves reaching for our Kimes Ranch jeans with the iconic longhorn logo. Rodeo stars and ranchers alike, these jeans are the high quality, style, and durability we all are looking for. Out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Kimes Ranch takes pride in producing all their denim completely in the USA!  On top of this, their denim is made from high-quality heavy denim; the old-school kind that requires breaking in. Beware, however, as this high quality, and authentic American spirit, comes with the price tag to match, but we think it’s worth the investment!

Some popular items include:

Check out our Kimes Ranch brand page to see more of their denim!



Ariat is a well-known brand with a diverse array of products. From their event ready button ups, to their everyday, hardworking apparel, Ariat offers a little something for any Westerner or lover of the great outdoors. Designed for style and durability, but with a stronger focus on comfort than their competitors, Ariat is a great choice when it comes to denim whether in the form of a jean, jacket, bag, or whatever you're looking for.

Some popular items include:

Check out our Ariat brand page to see more!

Whether your denim tests the time working on the ranch, find themselves on the back of a bull, or simply styling your day with a little western flair; your denim tells a story. We at Dixie's are just here to make the decision process a little bit easier. Make sure to check out our brand pages for the latest and best in Western clothing.