Dixie's Carries Yellowstone Apparel!

Dixie's Carries Yellowstone Apparel!

Dixie's Carries Yellowstone Apparel!

Yellowstone. Apparel. Yes — you read that correctly. The expansive Dixie's brand catalog now includes new merchandise from the popular Yellowstone TV series. Now, you too can don the emblem of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and take your Yellowstone fandom to the next level.


What is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is more than just a famous national park. For the uninitiated, Yellowstone is Paramount Network's ranch-focused smash-hit drama series. Set in contemporary Montana, Yellowstone follows the escapades of the Dutton family on the family's titular ranch, the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The show explores dramatic accounts of life on the biggest ranch in the country in the face of several external threats. Without spoiling too much of the fun, these threats include nearby cattle ranchers, money-grabbing land developers, and local Indigenous peoples. 

Since the show's premiere in 2018, the stellar series has been capturing the hearts of viewers across America, including Octavia Spencer, apparently. With viewership reaching 9.3 million viewers for the season four finale, it is no exaggeration to call this series one of the biggest of our time. And why wouldn't it be? The series offers a lot of great content, including:

  • The ruthlessness of a gangster drama and the intrigue of a political thriller. All wrapped in a neat Western bow. 
  • An interesting look into the various issues that wealthy land-owning families can face in modern America.
  • Gorgeous cinematography shot on-location in Montana.
  • A Western drama set in modern times. Do not get us wrong; we love the classics, but you can only watch so many 19th century revolver-pistol gunfights. It's refreshing to see TV shows tackling the great West during our very own 21st century.
  • Morally grey characters with interesting, relatable motivations.

For these reasons, amongst many more, Yellowstone has skyrocketed to becoming one of the bigger network TV hits on the air right now.

What Kinds of Clothes Do We Carry?

Our arsenal of Yellowstone merchandise includes some awesome, Yellowstone-inspired pieces! Graphic t-shirts with designs inspired by the show for men and women, as well as a hoodie for those cold backcountry nights. Check them out below:

How Long Will Dixie's Have The Merch?

As of right now, our Yellowstone apparel isn't going anywhere. With that said, don't wait around to purchase your graphic tee or hoodie! Yellowstone is a popular show and their merchandise is just as popular, so you'd better come and get your tops before they sell out. For more on the latest in Western apparel, shop Dixie's in Sisters, OR.