The Western Man's Denim Buyer's Guide

The Western Man's Denim Buyer's Guide

Denim reflects everything that has captured the human heart about the West: it’s rugged, tough, down-to-earth, and quintessentially masculine. Denim jeans have been a staple of the working man for centuries, whether you’re getting ready for a day’s hard labor or heading out for a drink at the local saloon. But not all denim is made the same, and for anyone searching for the best in men’s western jeans, it pays to know what to look for.

What is Denim?

The popular fabric of men’s western jeans has a surprising origin. Despite its common association with the West, textile makers originally created denim in 1700s Nimes, France. Clothiers developed this coarse and high-quality fabric to be perfect for working-class folks in need of durable clothes. When the young German Levi Strauss emigrated to San Francisco in the mid-1800s and opened his textile shop, the American jean era had begun. The original jeans, known as “waist overalls,” were primarily marketed to miners and factory workers. Nowadays, the image of men’s western jeans persists as a symbol of hard work and rugged simplicity amongst the chaos of modern life. 

How To Choose The Perfect Denim

From “‘Bleu de Genes” to the modern day, denim has undergone a steady transformation. With several factors to consider, picking out the right pair of jeans for the job at hand can be challenging. 

Cut and Fit

Bootcut jeans are a staple of men’s western fashion. When picking out the cut and fit of your jeans, comfort is of the utmost importance. A more relaxed fit will allow for greater movement, essential during physical labor. Men’s jeans for boots are a great way to embody the classic look of the West, especially when paired with your favorite cowboy boots. The Kimes Ranch Dillon Boot Cut Jeans are a favorite for their classic, rugged, and versatile look. They are the perfect jean to dress up for a night on the town or dress down for working outdoors. 

Color and Wash

All denim is dyed, and traditional denim is blue. While jeans nowadays come in many colors and are no less authentically denim, classic blue jeans are simple but evocative. Light-wash jeans are great for casual wear or outdoor work, while darker jeans can add an air of rugged style in virtually any circumstance. The iconic Levi's 501 Original Rinse Straight Leg Jeans were first released in 1837 and have been the staple in every rugged man's wardrobe since. 


Denim might be a catch-all term, but it can encompass a wide variety of fabric types. While denim was initially made from 100 percent cotton, modern denim production can involve the addition of synthetic fibers. This has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. Denim blends are usually stretchier, enhancing the wearer’s comfort. Synthetic additions also help denim retain its shape rather than get “broken in” through wear. However, denim blends are less durable and may not last as long as traditional denim. It all comes down to your personal preferences and comfort. 

The Clothes Make The Man

Finding the right pair of men’s western jeans is about more than getting a good pair of pants. Your jeans are a connection to the history of the West, made with the durability you can count on and comfort that lasts all day. If you’re hunting down a pair of pants that will look great for years to come, check out what we offer at Dixie’s Western Wear.