The Western Woman: How Western Clothes for Women Took Fashion by Storm

The Western Woman: How Western Clothes for Women Took Fashion by Storm

Cowgirl hats and bootcut jeans, denim, and plaid; there’s no question that western styles have long been a staple of women’s fashion, and in recent years catapulted into one of the hottest new trends. From the emphasis on quality materials and comfort without sacrificing looks, it’s little wonder that western clothes for women are here to stay. If you want to bring a little more cowgirl culture into your current wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know about finding the best western women’s attire for your particular style. 

What Defines Cowgirl Wear? 

When you hear the words “cowgirl fashion,” you probably have a pretty clear image in mind: the big hat, tall boots, sturdy denim, and a plaid shirt to bring it all together. But one thing which makes western clothes for women so popular is their versatility. Whether you want to pick and choose from the most recognizable staples or combine them all, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can bring a little western flair into your style. 

Boots and Hats

Boots and hats are two of the most recognizable accessories of the American West, so it’s little surprise they feature prominently in western clothes for women. A wide-brimmed hat can form the focal point of any outfit and is a great practical option if you spend any time in the sun. 

If you’re looking for something a little less eye-catching (or just don’t like wearing hats), cowgirl boots can round out any outfit. These boots are known for their gorgeous designs and sturdy functionality. Brown embroidered boots are an excellent option to add some cowgirl flair to your everyday wear, but you can just as quickly build an entire outfit around a beautiful pair of Old Gringo's Kayenta Cowhide Boots

Cowgirl Shirts

Button-down shirts are another excellent part of western clothes for ladies. Plaid is a great pattern for any western wardrobe. It’s a great fit for casual looks but can also be dressed with the right material and accessories. Pink plaid can offer a softer look, while this red and blue plaid is the classic choice to add subtle color to any outfit. 


Denim is one of the most classic fabrics of the West, and with good reason. For centuries this sturdy material has served down-to-earth folks from the ranch to the city streets. A classic of any western-style wardrobe, the key is finding the right pair of jeans for your needs. There are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to western clothes for women, but we personally love a good pair of our best-selling Kimes Ranch Betty Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans to showcase your cowgirl footwear. 

Womens Western Wear

Cute Western Clothes For Modern Looks

At its heart, western style is about so much more than the clothes you wear. It’s about embracing a culture of rugged charm and expecting your clothes to be sturdy and well-made enough to keep up with your lifestyle. Bringing a bit of the West into your wardrobe is exciting, especially when you know where to look. At Dixie’s, we’re happy to offer nothing but the best western clothes for women. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re delighted to help you find it.