Western Wear as High Fashion

Western Wear as High Fashion

When many people think of western wear, they likely imagine salt-of-the-earth clothing styles suitable for a hot day working on the ranch or a casual night out at the local tavern. But in recent years, high-end western wear has taken off as an exciting new trend in the fashion world. High-end western wear brings the beauty of western clothing into the world of high fashion, adding a twist of casual fun alongside the quality and elegance of designer brands. Here’s all you need to know about western wear as high fashion and how to start incorporating this style into your most polished looks.

Luxury Western Wear: What To Look For

At first glance, the idea of designer western wear might seem like an oxymoron. After all, western wear has traditionally been known for its casual comfort and rugged style. For centuries the staples of western wear such as denim and plaid have been associated with the working folk who popularized them in history. But high-end western wear doesn’t abandon western roots. Western wear as high fashion takes all the things we love the most about casual cowboy and cowgirl fashion and elevates it to the runway. Upscale country clothing is built to last, with high-quality fabrics and solid construction that hearkens back to its sturdy roots.


High-End Western Wear Brands to Watch


With Portland roots stretching back to 1863, Pendleton has long been a staple of high-quality western fashion. The Foxglove Range Fleece Bomber offers comfort and quality along with upscale style. Showcase Pendleton’s classic bold patterns with the Jacquard CPO Jacket.

Tasha Polizzi

Tasha Polizzi offers a wide range of western fashion options — from dresses and shirts to jackets and pullovers — that will stylishly upgrade any outfit. This Tasha Polizzi Howdy Pullover will set you apart at any dinner party. 

Double D Ranch

You can’t go wrong with the effortless style of a Double D Ranch jacket, which offers stylish western looks with a rugged twist. And when it comes to hats, you can’t match the elegant simplicity of the Django Hat.   

Juan Antonio

No western-style outfit is complete without the right handbag. Juan Antonio offers stunning purses and handbags in a variety of sizes. Check out this sleek leather Antonio Cobra Print Clutch or the larger Cobra Print Fringe Purse


If you’re looking to put the finishing touch on your outfit, search no further than Vogt for top-quality western jewelry and bolo ties. The Sterling Silver Elk Head Bolo and Way of the Buffalo Sterling Bolo offer an elegant finish to any western outfit. 

Old Gringo 

A sturdy pair of cowboy boots has long been a crucial aspect of western culture. With a base of quality leather and brighter designs, cowboy boots are a natural complement to cutting-edge fashion today. Old Gringo's Lucky Stud Cowhide Boots in aqua can provide the focal point of your high-end western wear outfit with a pop of gorgeous color and beautiful design. The less colorful, yet gorgeously styled, Quiroga Boots are another excellent way to accessorize your look. 

These brands are a great place to start if you’re interested in exploring designer western wear. And no matter how you want to expand your wardrobe, Dixie’s has you covered. From hats to handbags, our store offers a wide selection of high-end western wear as well as more casual styles. We hope to see you in our store soon!